Dear Grinvites family,
As historic events have unfolded across our nation, I’ve been watching and listening closely. Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd are just the latest in a long list of people who have suffered unacceptable violence in our country. Grinvites will always stand with those who suffer injustices and are in need of support to make their voices heard.
I also know that it can be overwhelming to understand how we can help. We are working with powerful momentum now and we need to harness that momentum to enact groundbreaking change.
Here are three simple actions that will help create REAL change.
DONATE. New York Magazine put together this excellent list of donor options from victim memorial funds to policy reform organizations.
VOTE. Sign up to vote. Put your state’s voting day in your calendar. Put the national election day in your calendar (Tuesday, November 3).
TALK. Silence on this issue is unacceptable. Those who remain silent are part of the problem. It’s especially important to talk to your kids about race and racism. The following books are recommended for this (all links are non-affiliate).
There is so much more we can do. We have such important work ahead and I know you will join me. Thank you for being part of the Grinvites family. It’s an honor to stand with you.
Mariam Kamal
Grinvites Founder